Exceeding typical daycare without exceeding the cost.

Welcome to Grace Community School & Daycare.

My Wife and I have over 30 years combined experience providing quality Christian childcare. We have a proven track record with our early reading program. My family and I are dedicated to serving you and helping your children flourish in an advanced academic environment. Grace Community School has an open door policy. You are welcome to come by anytime for a tour.

–Nate Wells.
  • Grace Community has been a great blessing to our family. They have taken great care of Micah and taught him so much. We love our Grace family.
    - Stephanie Collins
  • - Mandy Powell
    We have known the Wells family for ten years now. Nate & Kristy Wells have personally taught both my daughter and son. Nate personally taught my children vital Christian values while also preparing them academically for the next phase of their education. They are patient, caring and nurturing individuals. We feel very blessed to have had them teach and care for our children and highly recommend Grace Community School & Daycare.
    - Mandy Powell
  • Grace Community School has been a God send to our family! They provide top notch education while instilling values that will help them thrive and achieve success as they go through life. Our 4 year old comes home every day spelling new words that he is learning, and quoting Bible verses. We are very happy with our school, they are family to us.
    - Nicole Collier
  • I just wanted to take a moment and let you know how much I appreciate all you are teaching my children. Both of my boys are far above where they should be developmentally. My four year old not only can read complex books for his age, he knows all of the states and capitols. Not only are they learning well beyond their peers at other places,they are learning scriptural truths. I am constantly told by their Sunday School teachers how smart, and well behaved they are. I credit ya’ll with a great deal of that. Thank you for instilling the same values at school that are taught at home.
    - Debbie Butler
  • The care that Nate Wells and his family provide is outstanding.  He has gained an excellent reputation with our family over the last 7 years by running a daycare/school that teaches our children academics, character-building and a love of God through teachings of the Holy Bible.  His own good character speaks volumes about who he is and what he stands for.  He goes the extra mile to ensure that all children and parents are loved and cared for.  I wouldn’t place my precious children with anyone else!
    - Stacey McIntyre

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